we love warm breezes

Each SUL article is carefully handcrafted as a single piece until it becomes what we have dreamt it to be. Created in very small scale editions, SUL pieces are made only with leathers that inspire us. If we come across an exquisite leather that fulfils our design standards we will use it even if it means making only ONE bag [or leather goods].

As we use leathers tanned in a natural way [acacia] some may present slight imperfections or light scars. They are not defects but characteristics of the same that carry the history of the animal. We like them to stay that way without polishing or chemical treatments that remove them. That is just how we want them to be.

We have no specific models for each season of the year, as well as no collections. Our brand wants consumption to be responsible

We are fond of materials that age with wearing and become worn both by hand touch, sun and rain.

We are in favour of simplicity and perfection, pieces that endure over time, from parents to children, carrying moments to be told, like tattoos.