Revisor [made on order]

Revisor [made on order]


We live the time that where of trams and buses ticket inspectors had beautiful leather bags to save the money from ticket sales. Bags were placed over the shoulder and they aged darkening over time, marked by the hands of those who did wear them.

Vegetable tanned leather. Adjustable strap. Each item is individually cut and stitched. Handmade in Portugal.

Size: H16cm    W23cm    base 6cm    strap 60cm [regulable]

Care | We recommend combination treatment of bee wax or oil which completely permeates the hide and provides inherent resistance to moisture

Note | Contains some irregularities blemishes and scars proper of a skin without treatment. Please note that unevenness and cracks on the surface of the bag are to be considered part of its texture. Color variation and minor markings, are characteristic of vegetable tan natural leather. It starts as a pale pink and tans over time and exposure to a dark honey color. As each year passes, the leather will acquire a rich and beautiful patina that has a wealth of charm and character all of its own.